Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Liberation, Luck, Travel
Portfolio: Destiny, fate, travelers, voyages, roads
Worshipers merchants, travellers, sages
Symbol: Boots

Corwyn’s neutral God of Destiny. Ethenghar and his brother Atanavar; the God of Knowledge were created directly by the Unnamed One, and he is the oldest and most powerful of the neutral Deities. Ethenghar is also the father of S’ Thar; Goddess of Luck. The God of Destiny is quite neutral, allowing mortals to choose their path to its end. Because of his role, Ethenghar is also worshiped as the God of roadways and the protector of travelers. He is also the patron God of Merchants, Commerce, and Trade.

Ethenghar’s symbol is a pair of worn brown boots that he wears on his journey to his own destiny, while he oversees the destinies of all others. He has very few followers, other than philosophers and sages who study the theories of destiny and fate. His few priests wear soiled brown robes that symbolize the constant travels of their master. Unlike other priestly orders, Ethenghar’s followers erect no temples, but wander the world in search of understanding and wisdom; many of his followers are monks and bards. As one of the first generation of neutral deities, Ethenghar has no rivals.