Eto (Nusyra)

(population: 35,000) Eto is a major Vilzari seaport, located on the shores of the Sea of Ralas, about 300 miles south of the Kerak. This large city is home to vast fleets of pirates and raiders that plague the Sea of Ralas.

Ancient History

In ages past, the Vilzari city of Eto was not Vilzari, it was part of ancient Nimbor, and called Nusyra. The City of Nusyra was eventually conquered by Shorafa after the Night Plague left the city weak and leaderless. For many years the city prospered again under the rule of the Shorafi Pharaohs, but when Shorafa collapsed, the city fell into barbarism and anarchy. Soon after, the city was abandoned. Many years later, Vilzari settlers reclaimed the city ruins, rebuilt the city, and re-named it Eto

Battle of Eto

This city was the site of a major battle in the year 538/5, between the Ravinian Empire and the Vilzari, which ended the Second Vilzari War. During the battle, the Vilzari army of V’Nor D’Thak was soundly defeated by the Ravinians after they outflanked his forces and a Ravinian Fleet captured Eto; his army’s base of supply.

The War of Tears

In the year 1049/6, during the closing months of this terrible conflict, the Eldaran King; Lazaro Irazadi, sailed a fleet south along the coast and attacked the city. After its walls were breached, Lazaro, in an act of utter brutality, ordered the city burned to the ground and its entire population of 50,000 innocent civilians put to the sword. The city remained in ruins for nearly a century thereafter and even today is much smaller than it was back then.

The "Massacre of Eto" is considered one of the worst atrocities ever committed in history.