Cochran Pike

Margrave Cochran Pike was a Lord of Pike's Ferry, who, in the year 536/4, negotiated the infamous Iron Treaty with King Ilathrin Cyrenäe II of Iskandar.

This highly controversial treaty allowed the Iskari to colonize parts of the Eastvale for iron mining. It sparked outrage among other Vaas overlords, and led King Ethelred Madrigal of Karthis to openly declare war upon both the city of Pike' Ferry and the Iskari colonists.

This declaration eventually led to the terrible Karthic Wars, which caused nearly three centuries of starvation, misery, and death for the Vaas peoples of the Eastvale.

As for Lord Cochran, he spent the rest of his life holed up in his castle, and became the richest Lord on the continent. Even today, the House of Pike is considered traitorous by many Vaas for signing that infamous agreement.