Duke Exley Arzadon

Exley Arzadon is a powerful Iskari noble who currently rules the Cyrendari city of Krylnath.


The Arzadon noble family is relatively new; having been granted title about 600 years ago. The first Patriarch of the family; Lord Karkorian Arzadon, was a great soldier who fought in several wars on both land and sea in the service of the Onyx Throne.

In the Year 674/6, Lord Karkorian was gravely wounded upon the Battlefield of Krell; during the War of Crows. He heroically guarded the fallen body of the fallen Iskari King Ilathrin during that terrible battle; although he was pierced by many orc spears that day.

As a reward for his courage and loyalty, upon his deathbed, Duke Karkorian and his heirs were granted title of the Duchy of Krylnath and control of the city at its heart. The family has loyally held the position ever since.