Emperor Farshad Kharata

Farshad Kharata was the 21st ruler of the Eloysian Empire, who reigned on the Jade Throne between the years AR 347 to AR 371.

Farshad launched a series of military conquests, expanding the Empire even further across Azoria and deep into the Vhan Myr. Farshad's first great campaign was a series of invasions against the Olman Empire, whom he defeated and gained much territory. The Olman were not destroyed, but instead became an imperial Satrap.

For his next conquest, Emperor Farshad sent his Eloysian fleet further west than any emperor before him, even the vaunted Sailor-Emperor Damodar.

In the year AR 358, Emperor Farshad sailed west with his large invasion fleet and captured the island nation of Rhaygos, which had resisted the Eloysian Empire for nearly a century.