(pop: 250) Farshore is a small village, and trading colony of Sasserine; located on Temute; a small island off the Isle of Dread.

Farshore was established seven years ago, by Verik and Larissa Vanderboren, along with Zebulon Meravanchi. The purpose of the colony was a permanent base from which to explore the Isle of Dread and export its natural resources back to Sasserine.

The colonists chose a small harbor dubbed Verik’s Cove on the western shores of Temute as the site of the settlement, since two natural seawalls provided shelter from both storms and attack from the sea. A five-member Council meets weekly to direct colony affairs, but as Farshore has grown, the need for a leader has grown as well. One person angling to be that leader is councilman Mathalay Meravanchi.

The colony is still a work in progress, but is built to last. Approximately sixty buildings nestle within the palisade, built primarily from local materials with considerable additional labor supplied in barter by the local natives. The structures are wooden, as stone is difficult to quarry and reserved for the colony’s rain water collection wells. The buildings are mostly single-story structures composed of tightly spaced horizontal logs cut from the surrounding jungle. The exteriors are covered in reddish-hued adobe consisting of clay, water, and dried vegetation to give the buildings a smooth surface that keeps them cool during the day and warm at night. The roofs are covered in a dark red tile that is fired within town.

Farshore was originally designed as a trading post. Several short wooden piers of various heights and lengths jut out into Verik’s Cove from the Farshore waterfront, and long warehouses near the docks are used for storage. Stone jetties extending from the cliffs flanking the cove provide protection against storms and erosion. A handful of Olman natives have taken up semi-permanent residence in Farshore as well, but most of them are transient day laborers and traders who live in Tanaroa.

The colony's economy is sustained primarily through trade with the Seven Villages, although food and clothing are provided for locally. Both fishing and hunting are plentiful on Temute and the surrounding islands. The native Olman often trade pearls and precious coral with Farshore residents in return for manufactured goods. As for colonial exports, rare woods, plants, and spices are collected from the surrounding jungle, then stored in the warehouses for eventual shipment back north. Overall, the settlement has very good prospects if it can establish permanent trade with Sasserine.

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A map of colony can be found here.