Finarfen was an ancient elven wizard, who helped establish the Synfari.

Finarfen owned a tall stone tower inside the beautiful elven capital of Elutheria. It is said that this tower had connections to both the Underdark and several other planes of existence, although it remains unclear whether Finarfen created those connections, or those connection are the reason he built his tower there.

For unknown reasons, Finarfen left his tower in Elutheria sometime in the Second Age, and traveled through a portal deep below the surface. Once there, he created a gigantic series of passageways and halls, known today as the Living Catacombs.

Finarfen was an extremely powerful wizard, and some sages believe he left the elvish court and created his underground lair because his arcane powers drove him mad. While he was gone, his tower, along with the entire city of Elutheria, was destroyed by the Dark-Elves in the terrible War of Wrath.

Finarfen is long gone, but the connection to the catacombs remains. In the present-day human city of Atharavon, there is an inn called the Yawning Portal, which is built upon the entrance to the Catacombs.

His fate remains a mystery to this day.