Firestorm Peak

Firestorm Peak is a large mountain, located at the far eastern foothills of the Axehead Mountains. At the base of the mountain is the small, independent settlement of Longbridge.

Although the peak is in the foothills of the Axehead Mountains; which is home to the dwarves of Arkan Feyr, the dwarves themselves have long avoided the peak and this entire region. Because of this, the village of Longbridge is almost entirely populated by humans.


Legend has it, thousands of years ago, this mountain was once home to a secret elvish laboratory. The only entrance to the complex was thru a magical gate called simply "the Portal." The Portal was made entirely from "Nephilium;" an extremely rare metal that, when refined, has the appearance of a polished mirror. The Portal still exists today; a circular gateway of mirrored glass, without any mark or inscription.

Sages claim the Elder-Elves chose this location because of a magical flux point that activated there, only once every 27 years. This activation coincided perfectly with the appearance of the "Dragon's Tear;" a fiery red comet that appeared in the night sky over the very same peak, every 27 years.

During the 27-day period when the comet is seen overhead, the top of the mountain is encircled in a huge column of magical fire that prevents access to the mirrored gate.

Today, it remains a mystery as to how or why the mountain and the comet are linked, or what causes the peak to be engulfed in fire during that period.


The nearby small village of Longbridge has recently experienced increasing episodes of madness and violence among its townspeople. Many remember the ill-fated expedition to the mountain 27 years ago, led by Madreus and Nigel.