First Age

(the Age of the Silvar) This age lasted 5,028 years and began with the elvish migration west over the Wyn Myr from the Unknown Lands to the continent of Corwyn. With the first landing of the elves on Corwyn, there began the written history of the continent. Before this time there was only darkness. During this age the elves founded a great society named Ectharë, which they expanded and developed for hundreds of years. Their civilization prospered until they were confronted by the race of dragons who also wished to control the continent. There was a terrible conflict called the War of the Dragons. This war ended when the evil dragons, and their leader Calegorax, were defeated at the Battle of Merizath. With the defeat of the alliance of evil dragons and the full expansion of the elvish civilization of Ectharë throughout the continent, the First Age ended.