First Eldaran Civil War

(1202-1209/4) The First Eldaran Civil War was a conflict fought between the kingdoms of Eldara and East Eldara.

The war began when the eastern provinces of Eldara rebelled against the monarchy in Eldarand. The eastern faction was led by Prince Castenar Del Vecchio, whose own father King Arathar was the ruler of Eldara at that time.

The war was long and terribly bloody, with much slaughter and carnage on both sides. Prince Castenar won the war by invading the western Eldaran provinces, then capturing the Eldaran seaport of Ordana.

During this time, Castenar had the city of Ordana burned and thousands of its citizens slaughtered. After the loss of Ordana, his father lost his will to continue the fight and granted his son his own kingdom. In 1209/4, the eastern Durethë monarchy named their new kingdom Thûle, and made the city of Durendar their capital.