Battle of Flint Harbor

(1264/4) Flint Harbor was the site of a small, but crucial battle between Rhodara and Vilzari raiders which took place during the Incursion Wars.

A small vanguard of Rhodaran troops was securing the coastal Eldaran town of Flint Harbor, after defeating a large Vilzari raid.

This small force of cavalry was personally accompanied by the young King of Rhodara; Radovan Mallistäer II.

Near the end of the battle, a Vilzari skirmisher shot King Radovan with a poisoned dart and he died two days later from fever.

When the king died, there was a fateful struggle at the Rhodaran court over succession. This resulted in ruthless young noble named Gayorg Gwynnett becoming the new king.

The rise of King Gayorg wan ominous time for Rhodara.