Forbidden Scrolls

The Forbidden Scrolls were a series of ancient magical writings, some scribed by sects of the Sable Brethren, while others were rumored to have been written by demons and sorcerers in their sway.

The scrolls have long been dispersed throughout the realms of Corwyn, and most contain dangerous arcane knowledge regarding summoning demons, death-spells, and other evil conjurations. Other scrolls contain the known secrets of the world, and answers to most of Corwyn’s mysteries.

It is said that Sorimmar has possession of a very large collection of these terrible documents in his vaults, deep within the dungeons of Erôn-Gothmar. Others are said to be deep in the catacombs of the Academë, and many are held in the Veiled Society fortress of Erôn-Khorlöth.