Forgotten War

(821-825/6) The Forgotten War was a devastating conflict fought between the Kingdom of Gwynne and Drakhara.


The war began when a massive orcish army marched across the Frostcrown Mountains and invaded the Kingdom of Gwynne.

The orc army was finally defeated at the epic battle of Talissen.

The Kingdom of Gwynne was devastated by this conflict. Its capital city of Ashara was heavily damaged during a siege that lasted over a year.

In addition, the northern Gwynnish city of Westcrown was completely destroyed, and the massive Bronzewood forest was burnt by the invading orcs.

The war cost tens of thousands of Thannish lives, as well as the life of Gwynne's ruler; King Galiron, who was killed at the Battle of Talissen.

The war caused old enemies to join together against a common foe. For centuries, the Gwynnish and Ashanti peoples had warred against each other, but the two peoples joined forces to defeat the hosts of Drakhara. Sadly, after the war ended, tensions and hostility eventually returned.


The Forgotten War had several long-term effects on the Kingdom. First much of its northern regions were completely burnt-out, which is why they are referred to today as the "Cinderlands."

The city of Westcrown was completely destroyed, and never regained its prior size or importance.