Fourth Vilzari War

(579-583/5) Fourth Vilzari War was a conflict fought between the Ravinian Empire and the Vilzari.

The war began with a Vilzari invasion led by King T’Kar T’Reth, whose aim was not to capture ground but to grind down the strength of the Imperial armies. T’Reth’s enormous army of nearly 250,000 warriors repeatedly destroyed Ravinian armies sent against it, and wore down the defender’s strength.

By the fourth year of the war, the entire combined northern, western, and southern Imperial armies were combined to finally defeat the Vilzari hordes. At the terrible Battle of Naracen, the Vilzari were soundly defeated and retreated south into the desert.


T’Reth himself was captured by Imperial troops and later executed at Castle Myrdon. Tragically, the Empire had won a hollow victory. Over 100,000 of its best soldiers had been slain during the war, and the remaining legions could not adequately defend the Empire from future invasions.