Freeholds are small, independent estates,which have been given a state of independence from neighboring kingdoms, in return for tributes or taxes.

These small settlements are usually ruled by lower independent nobility such as Barons or Viscounts. There are several along the border regions and distant rural areas of every major western kingdom on Corwyn, and many more in ungoverned areas outside of major kingdoms, such as the Pale, the Borderlands, The Frostcrown Mountains, the Khorlann Steppes, the Valley of Lost Cities, the Reach, the Vast, and the Northern Wastes.

There are literally hundreds of small freeholds and independent baronies spread across the continent of Corwyn, most of which are in border areas, within large forests, hills, or mountain ranges. Common areas for small freeholds to exist are: the region between the Purple Mountains and the coast of the Sea of Alyr, the region between the Thistlewood, and the Celenë River, the region between the Kronarwood and the Crumbling Mountains, and mountain passage regions such as the Redpeaks, the Frostcrowns, the Trusk, the Forlorn, and the Shadow Mountain ranges.

The largest and most well known freeholds of Corwyn are: