Home Plane: The Abyss
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Death, Destruction, Madness, Evil
Portfolio: Pain, Suffering, Torture, Agony,
Worshippers: sadists, evil priests
Symbol: Whip
Freyj is Corwyn’s Dark Goddess of Pain, Torture, and Suffering.

Freyj is the daughter of Tarastia, the Goddess of Vengeance, who seduced a mortal to create her. Freyj is one of the final generations of chaotic deities on Corwyn, and wields enormous power over mortal men. Freyj is the mistress of all that is painful in the world. As such, she is also the Matron-Deity of pain, anguish, suffering, torture, and agony.

Her symbol is a great leather Whip, made from the boiled skin of every torture victim in the world of Corwyn. Freyj is a vicious and merciless Goddess and her followers are dangerous sadists who enjoy inflicting horrific pain on their victims for pure pleasure.

Freyj's followers wear bright yellow robes to represent the burning power of infliction of pain that their mistress enjoys. Her followers are banned in all western realms and only practice in secret sects. Freyj’s followers erect no temples as they would be instant targets for her rivals, but worship in total secrecy, performing torture rituals on innocent victims to appease their Goddess. The only known temple to Freyj is located in the city of Sarkosa. Freyj’s chief rival is the lawful Goddess Aleyssia.