King Furion Anselm

First monarch of Elyria to succeed the Crannock Dynasty after the death of King Corbray Crannock II in 1036/6, during the Tunston Uprising. Furion was a cunning and ruthless leader who secretly backed Viscount Silas Tunston of Grüenwald to rise up against King Corbray. Furion played both sides, assuring both Corbray and Silas of his loyalty, while planning all along to take the throne for himself. In 1036/6 at the Battle of Wendonford, Furion tricked Corbray into leading his army into a trap, and then defeated his army and killed him. When Silas captured Erôn-Kelerath a few days later, Furion planned a victory feast for him, inviting all of Silas’ family and loyal vassals. During the night of the feast, Furion had all of them murdered. This act of treachery became known as the Night of the Red Knives. With all his rivals eliminated, Furion proclaimed himself king of Elyria and became the first monarch of the Anselm Dynasty.