Gaedren Lamm

Gaedren Lamm is an infamous, petty crime-lord who "rules" over the Slums District of the Gwynnish city of Ashara.

Lamm appears as a jaundiced, frail old man, with yellowed eyes and skin speckled from age. He shuffles about with a pronounced limp on his left leg, as a result of an old wound he suffered in childhood.

Despite his advanced age, Lamm is extremely vain. He dyes his brittle hair a bright flaxen gold, wears only the finest leathers and silks, and always douses himself in sickly, sweet perfume.

Gaedren has long been a despised figure within the population of Ashara's Slums District. To expand his criminal empire, Lamm has long used gangs of local orphans as pickpockets, thieves, and even whores. Lamm's orphan gangs are derisively referred to as his "Little Lambs."

Lamm's most important use of these pitiful orphans is as spies, who are spread across the Slums to constantly learn new secrets about potential victims who can then be extorted. To ensure their loyalty, Lamm addicts most of the young orphans to Khat, a particularly addictive narcotic.


Gaedren Lamm is a despicable low-life who missed his chance at being somebody big in Ashara's murky underworld. Now well past his prime, this decrepit crime-lord abducts orphans and forces them to support his despicable lifestyle.

Many of Ashara's lower class have had unwanted dealings with Lamm, and even a few members of the city’s upper classes have had their lives complicated by this foul old man.

Yet no matter what he does, he always seems to slip away from the City Guard and has long avoided answering for his many crimes. Gaedren has always been a master manipulator; skillfully bribing the authorities, in return for free reign over the Slums.

Lamm knows the streets of Ashara very well, because he grew up on them as an orphan himself. Even as a child, Lamm was a notorious thief and assassin, who was feared by other street urchins.

As he got older, Gaedren learned that knowledge was more powerful than wielding a blade, and he became a ruthless purveyor of secrets. Lamm used his ill-gotten knowledge in blackmail schemes that made him handsome profits.

Gaedren's Gang

To keep control of his "Little Lambs," Lamm has several enforcers, including a half-orc named Shanks, a sneaky Halfling named Hooks, and a human thug named Yargin. Gaedren also has a bastard son named Rolf, a murderous psychopath who is even more dangerous than his father.

For his protection, Gaedren keeps a nasty crocodile named Brutus as a pet. Rumor has it, that beast has fed on quite a few of his enemies over the years.