Freehold of Galador

Capitol: Northam (population: 3,000)
Population: 55,000 (75% Amari, 20% Thalari, 5% other)
Demi-humans: 8,000 (80% dwarves, 15% halflings, 4% gnomes, 1% elves)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Varis Sonderhagen
Coat of Arms: brown boars-head over a red and white gyronny field
Exports: livestock, timber, crafts

Galador is a small, independent freehold located in the far north eastern region of the Barrens, west of Dragon Sound, directly across the sea from Coldhaven.

The freehold is loyal to Ammarind and its rulers are former Amari nobility. Many of the northern noble lords of Ammarind have long wanted certain autonomy from the royal court at Athos-Sorel, so the Freehold of Galador, and several smaller holdings like it, was their answer.

In return for local autonomy, the freehold of Galador serves to protect local caravans passing through the Barrens on the High Road between the dwarven city of Arkan Feyr and Northam.

Additionally, soldiers of Galador protect the local people of the Barrens from coastal raids from the feared Variags of the Thalar Islands.

Many of the folk of the freehold are herders of sheep, goats, and other livestock, but many are horse breeders as well. The freehold of Galador is well protected by a force of 300 heavy cavalry, and 1,000 well-armed infantry.