King Galadren Alomir IV
Reign: 1209/6–present
Coronation: 8 Nieumont 1209/6
Predecessor: King Marovin II
Heir apparent: Prince Tharovin
Spouse: Queen Kirani
Issue: Krynen (d.)
Issue: Edrenn (d.)
Issue: Prince Tharovin
Issue: Emadriel
House: Alomir Dynasty
Born: 21 Felmont 1179/6
Religion: Ravinian
Galadren Alomir IV is the current ruler of the kingdom of Alveron, and the forty-fourth monarch of his Dynasty.

Galadren assumed the Raven Throne at Castle Myrdon in 1209/6. King Galadren is considered the most powerful ruler in the West, and one of the most influential political leaders on Corwyn today.

Sadly, Galadren himself has been touched by tragedy. He had three sons, of which only one; Tharovin, survived the Battle of Orso in 1247/6.