King Galadren Alomir IV
Reign: 1209/6–present
Coronation: 8 Nieumont 1209/6
Predecessor: King Marovin II
Heir apparent: Prince Tharovin
Spouse: Queen Kirani
Issue: Krynen (d.)
Issue: Edrenn (d.)
Issue: Prince Tharovin
Issue: Emadriel
House: Alomir Dynasty
Born: 21 Felmont 1179/6
Religion: Ravinian
Galadren Alomir IV is the current ruler of the kingdom of Alveron, and the forty-fourth monarch of his line. Galadren assumed the Raven Throne at Castle Myrdon in 1209/6. Galadren had three sons, of which only one; Tharovin, survived the Battle of Orso in 1247/6.