King Garathar Eridani

King Garathar was the first ruler of Gwynne from the Eridani Dynasty.

After King Gheren III made the fateful choice of allying his nation with Drakhara during the War of Crows, it soon became clear that his decision would be disastrous for Gwynne.

Around this same time, a ruthless and opportunistic noble named Lord Garathar Eridani began plotting to seize the Crimson Throne for himself.

At the horrific Battle of Krell, King Gheren and both his sons were slain.

Seizing the opportunity, Lord Garathar swiftly made agreements with the victorious allies, in return for their support for his royal bid.

After exiling or assassinating all his Gwynnish rivals, Garathar proclaimed himself the new King of Gwynne in the year 674/6.

Throughout his reign, Garathar ruthlessly crushed any opposition to his rule, to ensure his family legacy.

His descendants still rule the Kingdom of Gwynne today.