Gareth Gwynnett

Baron Gareth Gwynnett was a powerful Thannish warlord who, in the late Third Age, conquered much of the eastern Heartlands and established the Barony of Ghastonne.

Gareth first came to prominence when he assumed leadership over the "Modrani;" a Thannish ethnic group dwelling in the Modran Hills. After his rise to power, he ordered a stronghold built called "Gwyn-Haro," and soon established himself as a ruthless warlord, with a taste for conquest.

During his lifetime, his armies expanded Modrani territory, and soon captured the neighboring settlement of Ghastonne. From there, his forces soon expanded east, eventually capturing the Ashanti city of "A'Shorah."

After his soldiers had driven all the surviving Ashanti from A'Shorah, Gareth ordered the Ashanti Temple of Na'Drak torn down and later used its ruins for the foundations of his new Castle.

Gareth bastardized the name of the city into "Ashara," a name which has endured until the present-day. The city then became the capital of the "Barony of Ghastonne."

Gareth was a cruel and merciless ruler, who ordered thousands of Ashanti either killed or exiled into the Cinderlands, the foothills of the Frostcrown Mountains, or the Khûrloth Marshes..

His descendants; the House of Gwynnett, continued to rule the Barony for many years until they were defeated by Valden the Conqueror.