Garigan Dynasty

The Garigan Dynasty was a line of Amador rulers descended from King Edric Garigan; who founded the Kingdom of Amar in the year 15/4.

The House of Garigan was an old and distinguished family, who, by the end of the Third Age, had became the rulers of the city of Amara. About this time, a young lord named Edric Garigan was approached by the Council of Sorcerë, who asked for his aid against the pending invasion of the West by the forces of Alokkair.

Recognizing the danger to all the free people of Corwyn, Edric answered the call and gathered his army. The Saar gave Edric "Gloomchaser," a powerful magical sword, which he wielded in the War, along with the other "Seven Champions." Edric and the forces of the First Alliance defeated Alokkair and saved Corwyn.

As a result of his great victory, his fame and popularity grew and within a few years, all the Amador tribes united and anointed him as their first king. Edric named his kingdom "Amar," ordered Athos-Sorel built as his citadel, and chose its location atop a towering mountain.

His descendants continued to rule the Kingdom for 1,282 years. The Dynasty ended in the year 1297/4, when King Maladric II was slain during the Battle of the Dawn. The Garigan family was succeeded on the Brass Throne by King Aldric Karston.

The Forty-Eight Garigan Monarchs of Amar

Edric 15-39/4 *
Maric 39-64/4
Hendrik 64-99/4
Amalric 99-117/4
Ulrik 117-142/4
Todric 142-167/4 †
Maladric 167-189/4
Osric 189-232/4
Edric II 232-257/4
Cedric 257-289/4
Desrik 289-322/4
Esric 322-358/4
Aldric 358-390/4
Maric II 390-426/4
Henrik II 426-446/4
Edric III 446-469/4
Rodrik 469-485/4 †
Maric II 485-501/4
Khedric 501-530/4
Aldric II 530-533/4 †


Däenrik 533-571/4
Amalric II 571-609/4
Edric IV 609-628/4
Thorik 628-659/4
Ulrik II 659-674/4
Vhorik II 674-700/4
Edric V 700-729/4 †
Cedric II 729-765/4
Esric II 765-792/4
Maric II 792-806/4 †
Haldric 806-830/4
Khedric II 830-855/4
Haldric II 855-871/4
Rodrik II 871-909/4
Varik 909-952/4
Edric IV 952-978/4 †
Khedric III 978-998/4
Haldric IV 998-1037/4
Däenrik II 1037-1068/4
Aldric III 1068-1093/4
Edric VII 1093-1133/4
Ulrik III 1133-1156/4
Osric III 1156-1185/4
Cedric III 1185-1219/4
Thorik II 1219-1248/4 †
Edric VIII 1248-1267/4
Ulrik IV 1267-1284/4
Maladric II 1284-1297/4 †**