King Garik Eridani II
Reign: 1218/6–present
Coronation: 10 Klarmont 1218/6
Predecessor: Garrett
Heir apparent: Prince Gerold
Spouse: Queen Ileosa
Issue: Garth (d.)
House: Eridani Dynasty
1st Wife: Myranda (d.)
Born: 33 Felmont 1278/6
Religion: Neutral
Garik Eridani II is the elderly and sick king of Gwynne and the 23rd ruler of the venerable Eridani Dynasty. Rumor has it, the kingdom of Gwynne is actually run by his ambitious son, Prince Gerold.

King Garik's reign has seen several scandals. The most notorious is the Elderly King's much-younger, second wife; Queen Ileosa. The elderly king was sad and lonely, as his first wife Myranda recently died of a fever, and his eldest son Garth died in a bizarre riding accident several years ago, while out hunting with his brother Gerold.

For many decades, King Garik's most loyal servant at Court has been his Seneschal; Neolandus Dhoru.