Garistano Dynasty

The Garistano Dynasty is the line of rulers descended from King Althorn, who assumed the Emerald Throne of Rennsfar in the year 674/6, after the death of King Anrahal Baranthyr during the Battle of Krell. The Dynasty still rules Rennsfar today.

The House of Garistano has ruled Rennsfar for 573 years and a total of nineteen monarchs have ruled from Castle Everwind. The current Garistano monarch of Rennsfar is the wise and beautiful Queen Arathea.

The nineteen Garistano monarchs of Rennsfar are listed below:

Althorn 674-685/6
Aradan 685-731/6
Ansimone 731-760/6
Anrahal 760-794/6
Ardion 794-829/6
Althorn II 829-858/6 †
Arathar 858-883/6
Alaron 883-912/6
Athrenar 912-949/6
Argilan 949-997/6
Aradan II 997-1025/6
Amidala 1025-1046/6
Agathar 1046-1069/6
Arathar II 1069-1106/6
Anrahal II 1106-1144/6
Alaron II 1144-1187/6
Alexian 1187-1220/6
Argilan II 1220-1228/6 †
Arathea 1228/6 -present