Garistano Dynasty

The Garistano Dynasty is a line of Ralani rulers who assumed rulership of Rennsfar in the year 674/6, after the death of King Anrahal Baranthyr during the Battle of Krell.

Descended from King Althorn, the prestigious House of Garistano has ruled the Kingdom for 573 years and a total of nineteen monarchs have sat upon the Emerald Throne at Castle Everwind.

The current monarch is the wise and beautiful Queen Arathea.

The Garistano Monarchs of Rennsfar

Althorn 674-685/6
Aradan 685-731/6
Ansimone 731-760/6
Anrahal 760-794/6
Ardion 794-829/6
Althorn II 829-858/6 †
Arathar 858-883/6
Alaron 883-912/6
Athrenar 912-949/6
Argilan 949-997/6
Aradan II 997-1025/6
Amidala 1025-1046/6
Agathar 1046-1069/6
Arathar II 1069-1106/6
Anrahal II 1106-1144/6
Alaron II 1144-1187/6
Alexian 1187-1220/6
Argilan II 1220-1228/6 †
Arathea 1228/6 -present