Gates of Firestorm Peak; Player Introduction

Located along the eastern foothills of the Axehead Mountains, the village of Longbridge is a small community in the Barrens. Local stories recall a strange event which takes place here every twenty-seven years—a recurring storm of flame which ignites the highest reaches of an overshadowing mountain named Firestorm Peak. This awe-inspiring phenomenon seems to be somehow linked with the celestial phenomena known as the Dragon's Tear, a red comet which only appears in the sky during the times of the firestorm.

Although very interesting and quite unique, the marvel has not been deemed particularly significant by local villagers (mostly due to its infrequent nature), other than as an excuse to throw a month-long festival. Fondly known as the “Fire Festival” this occurs annually, regardless of the presence of a firestorm. Since the last firestorm, however, there has been a subtle yet noticeable change in the lands surrounding Firestorm Peak. Stillbirths among livestock and people alike, locust infestations, disease, and drought have slowly increased to the point that a once-prosperous area is now struggling year by year just to provide sustenance for all.

Recently, things have taken a severe turn for the worse. In the last five years, attacks by natural creatures of the woodlands and fields have sharply increased. During this same time, there have been reports of the appearance of lethal creatures never before seen by mortal eyes, which have begun to make their abodes on or near Firestorm Peak. Most disturbing of all is the increase in random acts of cruelty and violence within the populace of Longbridge. The murder rate has doubled each year for the past five years, not to mention unreported beatings and fistfights. Although no concrete evidence supports this conclusion, many blame the influence of Firestorm Peak for the disruptions, calling the preceding five years the Cursed Season — which unfortunately, has not yet drawn to an end.

You can play either a human, elf, half-elf, dwarf or halfling character. Your PC can be any one of the base classes listed in the Pathfinder Rulebook.

Character Backgrounds

You PC can be from one of the surrounding areas near Longbridge or possibly the village itself.

Many dwarven fighters hail from the realm of Orrek, located north of Longbridge in the Axehead Mountain range. This stronghold is known for its mercenaries.

Many local wizards and rogues hail from the Free City of Redmark, located to the east.

Many local rangers and druids hail from a massive forest called the Kronarwood, located to the west.

Many barbarians dwell in the desolate central regions of the Barrens.