The Gauth

The Gauth, or "Darklanders," as they are commonly known, are an evil hybrid race of men that originated from Eastern Corwyn. Historically; the most infamous Gauth figure was Alokkair.

Beginning in the Second Age of Corwyn, the Gauth were magically bred by the Dark-Elves and served them as soldiers in the War of Wrath. From that time they came to be known as 'Saugreth,' or 'Darklanders.' The Gauth learned much from their Drow masters, and they themselves soon became great masters of dark sorcery and the black arts. Today, the Gauth are one of the rarest of human ethnicities found on the continent of Corwyn.


The Gauth have dark steel-grey skin with bluish undertones, silvery white hair and fierce eyes of red, black, grey, or gold. Gauth bodies are slender and frail, much like half-elves, and their mannerisms are quite similar. This is not surprising, the dark-elves bred them from the race of men, crossed with Drow stock.


The Gauth speak their own language, also called "Gauth". This language is a variant of the speech used by the Dark-Elves, and is among the oldest of languages on Corwyn. Gauth is now spoken only by the race of the Gauth, and understood only by dark sorcerers, some nobles of Drakhara, and a few senior evil cultists of the city-state of Sarkosa. The use of such speech out loud is quite rare and most in the West will not utter such words aloud out of superstition. Most Gauth can also speak Adari as well as common


After the fall of the Dark-Elves and their banishment; the Gauth founded several small civilizations in the East. At the end of the Third Age, thousands of Gauth fought as soldiers in the army of Alokkair during the War of the Elanthir, where most were slain. In the Fourth Age, the few remaining Gauth eventually mingled with the Amari settlers and some of their race married into the Amari households, resulting in the Adari hybrid race. At the end of the Fourth Age, the Gauth fought in the War of the Pretender under the banner of Alokkair. Never again were they seen in large numbers.

Today, most Gauth are commonly found only in the eastern cities of Khorlanis, Sarkosa, and Sirilath.


The pure Gauth are now nearly an extinct race of men, found only in the city-state of Sarkosa, and living in small settlements throughout Drakhara. There are many Gauth nobles who serve the current regime in the cities of Sirilath and Kuldhûr. These pure Gauth consider the Adari sub-humans or even cattle, and regard them with contempt for not remaining pure. It is said that the pure Gauth still have the blood of the Dark-Elves running through their veins, which explains their long lifespan. The folk of this race are both shunned and feared by the people of the West. Common Gauth names include: Adleroth, Alroth, Amroth, Deroth, Koroth, Teroth, and Zaroth.



Most Gauth worship either Al-Karym, Karaash, or Nestor.

Role-Playing Guidelines: +2 wisdom, -2 constitution, +2 to all Will saving throws against magic, and 200-year lifespan. Alignment: any evil. Character Class: must be a sorcerer, or multi-class with part sorcerer. For all other racial characteristics, refer to the Half-Elf PC entry in the D&D Players Handbook.