King Gavin Gwynnett

King Gavin Gwynnett founded the kingdom of Gwynne in the year 1289/4, and became its first monarch.

At the time he was crowned, Gavin Gwynnett was the only surviving nephew of the "Mad-King," Gayorg. As a young knight, he had fought for Rhodara in the terrible War of Annexation, but was wounded in a skirmish in the year 1288/4.

Because of his wounds, Gavin was not present at the fateful battle of Keslyn, in which his uncle Gayorg was slain and his kingdom defeated.

Soon after, Ashara was sacked and the kingdom of Rhodara ceased to exist. The remaining Rhodaran nobility chose Gavin as their new ruler, because he was well-liked and hailed from the ancient and distinguished House of Gwynnett; which traced its lineage all the way back to the ancient Barony of Ghastonne.

Even after he was crowned, Gavin remained bitter because his family was deprived of its ancestral Elanthir sword and the more prosperous eastern regions of Rhodara were taken as spoils of war, and the new Kingdom of Gwynne retained only the smaller eastern regions.

After the kingdom of Gwynne was founded, King Gavin rebuilding of both the city of Ashara and the royal fortress of Castle Manticore. Rather than re-build the smashed Granite Throne, the new King chose to begin a new tradition, and ordering the Crimson Throne constructed within the castle's Great Hall.

Gavin's descendants formed the long Gwynnett Dynasty, which lasted another 633 years.