King Gayorg Gwyharë

(the Mad-King) first monarch of Rhodara to succeed the Mallistäer Dynasty, after the death of King Radovan II during the Battle of Flint Harbor. Gayorg assumed the Granite Throne in 1264/4 and ruled for a brief but infamous twenty-five-year period. Gayorg was the only monarch of his dynasty as well as the final ruler of the kingdom of Rhodara. Gayorg had been seduced by the power of Alokkair and began worshipping sorcery and the black arts. He saw the opportunity to enlarge his own kingdom and capture the riches of the ailing kingdom of Eldara, which had been wracked by two civil wars and several Vilzari invasions. In 1283/4, King Gayorg turned to sorcery and invaded the weakened kingdoms of both Eldara and Orel during the War of Annexation. Eventually, Gayorg was defeated by the forces of Eldara and her allies and he was slain in 1289/4 at the Battle of Keslyn and his Melanthir captured and given to Eldara as a war-prize. Gayorg was commonly called the ‘Mad-King’ by his people for his many barbarous acts. Gayorg was the only king of the short-lived Gwyharë Dynasty of Rhodara.

Gayorg’s nephew, Lord Grenn Gwyharë, took over rulership of the former eastern regions of Rhodara in 1289/4 and renamed the new kingdom Gwynne.