Baron Gillam Gwyharë; "Gillam the Kneeler"

Gillam Gwyharë; known derisively as “Gillam the Kneeler,” was the last ruler of the Barony of Ghastonne, who surrendered to Valden the Conqueror and his Barony became part of the kingdom of Valdor.

Lord Gillam bent the knee to King Valden and surrendered the city of Ashara, after seeing his army defeated in battle. He saved the city from a destructive siege but history has called him the "Kneeler".

Legend has it that Gillam had the last laugh against King Valden. When King Valden visited Ashara after the peace accord was signed, Baron Gillam introduced the king to one of his distant cousins; Lady Naomi from the Barony of Ghastonne. Her name was Naomi Mallistäer; a woman who would seduce King Valden, give birth to a bastard son, that ultimately caused the kingdom of Valdor to be torn asunder only twenty years later.