The Githyanki are a humanoid race from the world of Charos; the realm of Madness.


All githyanki have beady black eyes, greasy, black hair and yellowish-brown skin, with unique, mottled patterns of brown lizard-like spots. The Githyanki wear ornate baroque style armor, encrusted with many jewels.


Githyanki society is completely martial, with both males and females training heavily in magic and combat from a very young age. Although they are loyal to each other, Githyanki are also fiercely individualistic. Raiding a Mind-Flayer stronghold is considered a rite of passage.

Dwelling on the world of Charos, the Githyanki inhabit numerous fortress-cities constructed from stone, iron, and bronze. Their capital and largest city, Tu' Narath, is built on a mountainous island surrounded by a sea of molten lava.

The githyanki used a unique form of writing called tir'su. Its alphabet consists of a unique set of runes in which words are formed in circles instead of linearly, with the letters of a given word being linked in a ring clockwise from the top. Sentences are formed by a series of these rings. Because the runes are given a mystical significance, the Githyanki employ tir'su when creating magical wards and symbols.



The ancestors of the githyanki were called the Gith; a race of humanoids enslaved by the Illithids; a monstrous race that mentally dominated them, forcing the Gith to work as slaves of Zarum; the vast Illithid Empire.

For a thousand generations, all Gith lived their pitiful lives as slaves to the Mind-Flayer Empire of Zarum, which was spread across the world of Charos. For thousands of years, the entire Gith race was completely subservient to their Illithid masters, serving as both forced labor and food.

It is believed these original Gith slaves were transformed through selective breeding, and eventually one, a legendary Gith named Karzi, developed an ability to successfully resist the mind-control powers of her Illithid masters.

Karzi called this ability "the Devotion," and soon began teaching the ability to other Gith, including her principal deputy; Zerthimon.

The Gith's ability was kept secret for a long time, until enough Gith learned the the power of mental resistance. Only then, did Karzi, Zerthimon, and their followers stage a full-scale uprising against the Illithids. By this time, the two Gith leaders each had millions of loyal followers, with one common goal; the annihilation of all Mind-Flayers.

The Gith rebellion was long and costly, but eventually the Mind-Flayer Empire of Zarum collapsed and the hated Illithids were on the verge on total annihilation.

It was in the light of this victory that Karzi; the leader of the Gith rebellion, declared that the Gith would not rest until they had discovered and destroyed all remaining races in existence. She argued that, only then, would the Gith be truly free. Many of the Gith shared this goal.

Zerthimon, a rival Gith rebel leader, argued that the Gith had already achieved freedom and should instead begin to rebuild their own civilization which had been enslaved for thousands of years. He too expressed a goal that was in the hearts of many Gith. Still, Karzi insisted that hers was the only path and that they would be "under the same sky" in the matter.

In an act of betrayal, Zerthimon then murdered Karzi, saying ; "there cannot be two suns in the sky." This became known as the Pronouncement of the Sky; a declaration of war that splintered the Gith into two distinct sects known today as the Githyanki; the followers of Karzi, and the Githzerai; the followers of Zerthimon.

Thereafter, battle was waged between the two races, and eventually both the Githyanki and the Githzerai each claimed their own territory on Charos.

The two races have remained bitter enemies ever since.