Glorio Arkhona

Glorio Arkhona is an influential Thannish nobleman from Ashara.

As the Patriarch of House Arkhona; an ancient and powerful aristocratic family, Glorio has broken somewhat from the tradition of his forebears.

Unlike his more modest forefathers, Glorio often leaves the walls of Arkhona Manor to attend various social functions in Ashara.

Glorio frequently walks through the city streets, unaccompanied by bodyguards, handing out candies to the dirty children of the slums, and copper pieces to their despondent parents.

Scandolously, Glorio has publicly demonstrated affection for his cousin; Melara; whose unearthly beauty counters Lord Arkhona’s rather average appearance.

At court, rumors abound as to the nature of their relationship, but rather than crush such rumors and make the whisperers disappear, Glorio seems to revel in the attention they create.

Lord Glorio's surprising ascendance on the local political scene ten years ago heralded a new and unexpected direction for his ancient noble family.


The Arkhona family is one the oldest and most prestigious Thannish noble families in all of Gwynne. Thousands of years ago, as trusted vassal lords of Valden the Conqueror, this family controlled much of what is now southern Gwynne. As a result of this long, distinguished legacy, the Arkhona River is named for them.

For some unknown reason, the House of Arkhona never sought for one of their scions to be placed upon the Crimson Throne, but rather have always preferred working from behind the Throne as skilled advisers and behind-the-scenes, manipulators.

Between the years years 1283 thru 1289/4, the Arkhona family made the fateful decision to support the "Mad-King;" Gayorg, and that decision nearly destroyed them. After Gayorg was defeated in the disastrous War of Annexation, the Arkhonas lost most of their land-holdings and much of their wealth. It has taken centuries for the family to rebuild their honor and influence.

Long ridiculed for their lack of influence in the higher circles of Gwynnish nobility; within the last twenty years, House Arkhona has suddenly become a powerful political force to be reckoned with. This influence extends not only to the streets, but also at the Gwynnish royal court and the posh gatherings of Asharan nobility. This is largely due to the work of Glorio, the current Patriarch of the family.

House Arkhona shall not soon forget the power and prestige Glorio has brought to his family.