Glorio Arkhona

Glorio Arkhona is the Patriarch of House Arkhona; an ancient and influential Thannish noble family hailing from Ashara.

Lord Glorio Arkhona breaks somewhat from the tradition of his forebears. Unlike every previous head of House Arkhona, Glorio seldom leaves the dark walls of Arkhona Manor to attend various social functions in Ashara. He frequently walks through Old City District, surrounded by bodyguards, handing out candies to the dirty children and silver pieces to their despondent parents. Glorio publicly demonstrates affection for his cousin; Melara, whose unearthly beauty counters her lord’s rather average appearance. Scandalous rumors abound as to the nature of their relationship, but rather than crush such rumors and make their whisperers disappear, Glorio seems to revel in the attention they create.

Lord Glorio Arkhona’s surprising ascendance on the political scene ten years ago heralded a new and unexpected direction for this ancient noble family. Long tolerated in the higher circles, House Arkhona has suddenly become a force to be reckoned with. This influence extends not only to the streets, but also at the Gwynnish royal court and the posh gatherings of Asharan nobility. Regardless of Glorio’s future successes, House Arkhona shall not soon forget the legitimacy he has brought to his family.