The Glorious Conquest

(179-219/4) The, so-called, "Glorious Conquest" was a brutal, forty-year military campaign waged by the Thannish Kingdom of Eldara to conquer the Kratheri Peninsula.

The campaign began in the year 179/4, when King Aron Del Vecchio of Eldara, ordered an invasion of the Kratheri Peninsula.

To lead this expedition, King Aron chose his eldest son; Prince Daghon, who had already proven himself to be an extremely capable military leader. The Prince marshaled a large army, a massive fleet of ships, and set sail east across the South Sea.

At the time of the invasion, the Peninsula was controlled by Kerathos; a peaceful and prosperous nation, made up of ethnic-Kratheri peoples. King Nek'var Barshem of Kerathos initially resisted the Thannish, but his forces were eventually overwhelmed. The Thanns had better troops, better training, and better magic to assist them. King Nek'var's forces never had a real chance.

The Campaign came to its peak in the year 185/4, when Daghon's army laid siege to the Kratheri capital of Jareesh. The Kratheri defenders fought bitterly, and Prince Daghon himself was slain during an assault upon the city in 193/4.

Enraged over the death of Prince Daghon; King Aron ordered the entire population of Jareesh put to the sword and the city was burned to the ground. Aron also decreed the ruins would never be rebuilt. Legend has it, King Aron even ordered the decapitated head of Kratheri King Nek'var, preserved and sent back to Eldarand as a sick trophy.

Within five years of the fall of Jareesh, the Kratheri strongholds of Jhovar and Jharë both surrendered, leaving the Thanns in control of the entire Peninsula. However, the Kratheri then launched a brutal guerrilla war, that lasted another thirty years.

The Glorious Conquest finally ended in the year 219/4, when the last pockets of Kratheri resistance were ruthlessly crushed. King Aron's son; Raynor then decreed that the Kratheri would serve as slaves until the end of time.

The campaign was a stunning victory for Eldara and is remembered in heroic Thannish songs even today. The Kratheri, however, remember the so-called "Glorious Conquest" far differently. Today, sages estimate that over one million Kratheri men, women, and children died in that forty-year holocaust.