Goblin Wars

The Goblin Wars were a series of bitterly-fought wars between the race of dwarves and the goblins, waged largely beneath the surface of Corwyn. The most infamous of these conflicts was the War of Sorrows.

There have been dozens of these wars over the centuries, as the races of dwarves and goblins fought for supremacy over the valuable underground resources of Corwyn. The Dwarf-Realm of Orrek has always been the champion of the dwarvish cause, and over the centuries built many fortresses and outposts deep below the surface as early warning stations and barriers to invasion. The first of these conflicts began in 607/5, and the conflicts have occurred regularly every few centuries ever since. The most recent of these wars ended in 1221/6, when the dwarves destroyed a large goblin army at the Battle of Pelegroth Valley.