The Golden Goblin

The Golden Goblin is a large gambling hall in the city of Varistan, which is owned by Saul Van Kasken

The serving wenches at the Hall are dressed as demons, to promote the theme of the Goblin being a demon-infested building. There is even a small painted statue of a goblin out front, standing atop a pile of gold.



About twenty-five years ago, young enterprising merchant named Saul founded the Golden Goblin.

At the time, no one else wanted the land, for the gambling Hall was built on a haunted strip called the ‘Caverns of Munro,’ named for an old pirate captain who, according to legend, once had a hideout there.

After Saul was arrested and maimed, the Goblin was abandoned, soon fell into decay, and the property came up at public auction. Because of Zincher, nobody would buy it and the building remained abandoned.

About three years ago, to the surprise of everyone, Saul returned to Varistan, sporting a new, golden hand shaped like a key.

He also seemed to have plenty of new-found money and used those funds to buy back the Goblin. Saul then spent even more restoring the run-down gambling hall.