Golismorga (City of Madness)

Located in flooded caverns beneath the Isle of Dread, Golismorga was an ancient city of the Aboleth, the heart of their power under the Isle. From Golismorga, the aboleth directed a vicious war against the Olman princes of Thanaclan which incurred the enmity of Tlaloc, Olman god of rain.

Tlaloc responded with the creation of Tlaloc’s Tear. The Tear’s detonation banished the seawater from Golismorga, dooming the aboleth caught within, and created an immensely powerful magical curtain around the city which held the oceans back from flooding it again.

The curtain prevented the aboleth from reclaiming their bastion, but in their absence, a more insidious threat; Kopru loyal to Demogorgon, crept into the ruined city. The kopru brought about the destruction of Thanaclan’s empire with an artifact of their own, constructed out of a fusion of aboleth and demonic magics in the depths of the city: the first Shadow Pearl.

Golismorga deserved its moniker of the 'City of Madness,' for it contained many portals to Charos, otherwise known as the Far Realm. The horrors seen here easily drove most visitors completely mad.

The Lightless Depths

Centuries later, venturing into the Isle of Dread in search of the Lords of Dread, a group of adventurers discovered that the ruins of Golismorga were serving as a center of renewed production of Shadow Pearls for distribution to the Crimson Fleet. Navigating the ruins filled with potent relics of the Elder Evils, abandoned aboleth creations, sinister fellow explorers, and endemic aberrations of all kinds, the Wyverns elected to destroy Tlaloc’s Tear and release the oceans to flush out kopru forces, then descended into Holashner’s Ziggurat to do battle with King Ulioth.