Grey-Elves (the Grafyr)

The Grey-Elves of Corwyn, or "Grafyr" in their native tongue, are one of the three elven sub-races created by the Sundering.

The Grey-Elves are the rarest, oldest, and wisest of the elvish sub-races on Corwyn, and by far, the most reclusive. Long ago, nearly all the Grey-Elves either died in the Great Rift, or left Corwyn and sailed back to Eryn Norvë; the mystical elvish homeland. Grey-Elves are said to be the closest kin to the ancient Elder-Elves or "Silvar-Elves" of Corwyn that founded the realm of Ectharë in the First Age. The few remaining Grey-Elves now reside in the Elf-realm of Antharë, deep within the Vesarivon Forest. Few humans or dwarves have ever actually seen one. Grey-Elves make up only about 1% of the elvish population in western Corwyn, and usually shun even other elves.


Grey-Elves resemble High-Elves in terms of their facial features and their milky, pale skin. The largest distinction is in hair and eye color. Most Grey-Elves have either silver, gold, or white hair. Grey-Elves have eyes of either amber, gray, green, or violet. They are also tall for elves, being about 5 1/2 to 6 ft tall, and, like all elven races, have a wiry, slender build. They like to wear elaborate tunics but in neutral tones of gray, white, silver, or green. Grey-Elves are strikingly handsome by human standards, even more so than other elves.


Aloof and cautious, Grey-Elves are usually un-involved in political events on Corwyn, and have very little contact with other races. Isolated in their realm of Anthare. Grey-Elves generally get along with other elves, though they fear that the High-Elves of Melinarë are overly generous and a touch naive. Grey-Elves look with disdain upon the Wood-Elves, whom they see as barbaric by elven standards. Perhaps not surprisingly, Grey-Elves as a race are generally chaotic in nature rather than lawful. They value individual accomplishment and rights over the demands of society.



After the destruction of the Elf-realm of Ectharë; the race of elves split into three sub-groups; in an event called the "Sundering." After the Sundering, one group of elves traveled far to the west, and settled the realm of Wyntharë, which meant ‘West-Home’ in the Silvanestri tongue.

The elves of Wyntharë were the most reclusive and powerful of the three elven groups. Their mastery of magic knew almost no bounds, and some say it surpassed even the greatest of talents of the Saar and the Council of Sorcerë. These western elves eventually evolved into the Elf-race known today as the Grafyr, or "Grey-Elves" of Corwyn. Their skin was pale, their hair silver or gold, and their eyes were bright amber gold, pale grey, or even a deep violet purple.

The Grey-Elves were the shyest of elvish races and found no joy in even the smallest contact with other races, and had such meetings only rarely. The Grey-Elves that founded Wyntharë were led by the beautiful Queen Ariel Alessarë, who had been a powerful mage in Ectharë. The Grey-Elves built the magnificent Veiled Throne of Wyntharë, although only two elves ever sat upon it. Little else of their exotic culture is known today, except that the Grey-Elves built a marvelous civilization far in the western Corwyn, with secrets still unknown.


Sadly, this wonderful elven civilization was not to last. In the Year 884 of the Third Age, a terrible tragedy befell the Grey-Elves. A powerful earthquake known as the Great Rift tore their realm apart; leaving their cities in ruins and most of their folk dead or horribly injured.

The great elvish cities of Wyntharë: Alarë, Selunë and Wyn Falas, were either consumed by the sea or left in utter ruins. This tragedy caused the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë to become bitter and morose. They began to yearn to return to their ancestral home of Eryn Norvë. Over the centuries that followed, nearly all of the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë left the shores of Corwyn and sailed back west; never to return. The Grey-Elves were led across the Wyn Myr by King Ajathar Alessarë; who was a descendant of the Elf-kings of Ectharë, and the only son of Queen Ariel.

Within a few centuries, the entire region known today as Westvale Island was abandoned by the Grey-Elves. These former Elven lands eventually became home to the Iskari, who had sailed across the Wyn Myr from the Continent of Iskandar to escape the "Doom." By the early Fourth Age, the Iskari founded their own kingdom of Cyrendar.

By that time, the few remaining Grey-Elves that remained on Corwyn crossed the Iskari Strait and settled on the Isle of Vesarivon; which was directly south of Westvale Island. Once there, the Grafyr founded Antharë; a thickly-forested enclave that today serves as an exclusive sanctuary for the Grey-Elves.

Even today, Wyntharë remains the least understood and most mysterious of the ancient lost civilizations on Corwyn. The symbol of the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë was a silver ship, surrounded by a ring nine silver stars, on a pale lavender field. The Elf-realm of Wyntharë encompassed the territories of what are today the realms of Cyrendar and the Elf-realm of Antharë.