the Great Rift

The Great Rift was a terrible earthquake in 884/3, which was of such magnitude, that it shook the very foundations of the continent of Corwyn and caused an enormous section of land south and west of the Cairn Mountains to sink beneath the waters. This event enlarged the Sea of Ralas and created the Iron Sea.

The Great rift actually created the large island called Renthara. Before this time, the island had actually been attached to the continent of Corwyn. Several human, elvish, and dwarvish civilizations perished in the catastrophe, and the remnants of their cities and towers still lie deep beneath the surface of both the Wyn Myr and the Sea of Ralas. Lost in this catastrophe were the great elvish city of Selunë and the early human city of Asgamoth. The great southern Dwarf-realm of Khûrzhad, and its capitol city of Orthan Feyr was lost as well. With the loss of Khûrzhad, also came the destruction of the dwarvish Arvedui Clan, and the loss of one of the five dwarvish Elatir.