Green Gryffon Inn (Crossroads Inn)

The Green Gryffon is a famous, three-story, stone and timber inn, located in central Elyria, at the important crossroads of the Kingsway and the Axeway.

Because of the crossroads location, there are two main types of travelers: many dwarvish travelers stay here on their journeys north and south between Orrek and Kharos-Thûngol; in addition, many humans and elves traveling east and west between Iskandar, Antharë, and Alveron lodge here as well. The Inn accommodations are spacious, with three-dozen rooms and stabling for up to sixty horses. It is a popular stop for inter-city carriages; such as Able-Carter.

This inn has long been an infamous meeting place for adventurers and wanderers of all types. The innkeeper; Crosby, is something of a mystery as well. No one knows how long he has owned the inn, or why it often seems to host so many famous guests. Prince Varoth Penrose of the Silver Ravens, Telghar Harrow of the Grey Watchers, Ilario Nasilar of the Veiled Society, as well as the mysterious mages Graben and Mordecai have all stayed here on various occasions.


The inn is also within a mile of the ruins of Daggerfell Keep, which played a dark role in the Tunston Uprising. The grounds surrounding the ruins are said to be haunted, so many locals give the inn a wide berth.