This forest is like no other on Corwyn, in that it is home to Grenshire; the largest independent colony of Halflings found anywhere on the continent. The Greenwood is bordered on the north by the Nolar Vaas, the south by the kingdom of Elyria, on the east by the Eldir Vaas river and on the west by the Almyron Sea.

The forest is populated mainly by centaurs and Halflings, although humans are quite common here as well. The forest contains as many plots of Pipeweed, grown by the halfling folk for trade, as it does trees. The Halflings have no real enemies, other than the occasional brigand or kobold band. For protection, there is a lightly armed halfling militia called the Guardë that patrols the Greenwood Forest and collects tolls for the use of the Greenway, the central road that passes through the forest, on its direct route between the cities of Lynnebrooke and Rilsavar.

The Halflings also patrol the Academë Road as it passes through the northern region of the forest on its route between Berevrom's Keep and Athos-Avarel.