King Gregor Eridani II

King Gregor II; the 17th ruler of his Eridani Dynasty, was a ruthless and mentally ill king of Gwynne who began the disastrous War of Three Kings over the love of a woman.

The War began when King Gregor II foolishly ordered his armies to invade Alveron. This attack was entirely due to a petty slight over a woman. King Gregor, who was already married, became involved with a noble-woman of Alveron named Olivia DeMarco. She later spurned him and returned with her entourage to Alveron. The king was enraged and demanded to keep her as his concubine. He threatened to 'burn down the kingdom of Alveron' if he could not have Olivia.

All the king's councilors strongly advised against such a disastrous action; especially for a spurned romance. The King was stubborn to the point of madness, and he soon ordered his troops on the march. Thus began the disastrous War of Three Kings. After the humiliating Battle of Harmswood in 1089/6, Gregor was murdered by members of his own family. The war immediately ended after his demise.

Gregor was succeeded on the Crimson Throne by his 12 year-old son, Galen; "the Boy-King."