(population: 32,000) Gresham is the second largest city in Erindar, and a thriving center of commerce in its own right.

The city is located at the southeastern base of the Crumbling Mountains, only a few miles from the eastern end of Boulder Pass. Gresham derives much of its wealth from the prosperous pipeweed trade with the Halflings of Grenshire and incoming caravans of goods from Derianor, Elyria, and Alveron.

Gresham is a major crossroads. The city is accessible via the Traders Road; running between Cymereth and Castle Celadon and the Kingsway; running between Chelstad, and Greypoole.

The city of Gresham is currently governed by Duke Lyonel Brisbane.


In the Fourth Age, the city of Gresham was an independent City-State, ruled by House Harlow; an ancient Vaas noble family, hailing from the Eldir Clan, The Harlow family founded the city of Gresham, under its first ruler; Margrave Gustav Harlow.

The City continued to thrive and remain independent until the Wars of Destiny.

During that epic conflict, Margrave Marius Harlow foolishly opposed Erin Fremantle. The House of Harlow was later extinguished at the fateful Battle of Shardel, and the House of Brisbane was granted ruler-ship over the city.

The Brisbanes continue to rule the city today.