Grey Watchers

The Grey Watchers; also called the "Order of Vharan," are an elite group of rangers and druids who have sworn to guard the western regions of Corwyn against the dark forces of Sorimmar.

All group members are highly secretive and report only to the Veiled Society and the White Alliance council. The members swear allegiance and are often sent on dangerous missions far into foreign lands, from which many do not return. The current leader of the order is a powerful ranger named Telghar Harrow. Many of the members originate from the Freehold of Archer’s Vale and are former Woodsmen.

Over the centuries, the Veiled Society has used the Grey Watchers for the purpose of conducting surveillance on independent wizards and sorcerers who have refused to join the Society. Many members feel this is not a proper purpose of the Order, and have refused these missions.