Capital: Silvershade (population: 27,000)
Population: 135,000 (43% human; of which 75% Iskari, 18% Ralani, 7% Vaas. Also; 26% Grey-Elves, 16% High-Elves, 12% dwarves, 3% other)
Government: Mageocracy
Current Leaders: 7-member ruling council of Synfari Wizards.
Coat of Arms: a silver dragon on a blue field
Imports: gems, silk, elixirs, grain, spices
Exports: magic items, crafts, artwork, exotic trade goods from Eryn Norvë

Located deep within the Wyn Myr, Greymeet is a small chain of nine large and small islands is home to a mixed society of Grey-Elves, High-Elves, dwarves, and humans.

Essentially a half-way point between the continents of Eryn Norvë, Ikharos, and Corwyn; these islands have always been of great importance as a trading center and rest stop for sea voyagers. All manner of exotic goods pass through here daily, including magnificent elvish crafts and powerful magical items, as well as precious gems and potent elixirs, and strange potions from the elves of Eryn Norvë.

In return, Greymeet’s markets hold the very finest of what Corwyn’s merchants have to offer. The islands have no real domestic products, other than a few locally produced items and elvish-made ships, but instead, the islanders make their living as traders of others’ goods and providing supplies and housing as a rest stop on the log journey between the continents of Eryn Norvë and Corwyn.

Greymeet has no real army, but maintains a large and powerful navy of 25 warships protect the small island nation. The elvish ships of Greymeet can be recognized by their light grey wooden hulls with silver gilt trim and prows carved in the shape of eagles, as well as bright blue sails and banners emblazoned with a silver dragon.