Greymist Hills

The Greymist Hills are a small, isolated mountain range, located between the Purple Mountains and the Jagged Coast of the Iron Sea.

The name of this region derives from its cold and clammy climate, which leaves an almost constant layer of fog on the hilltops.

The hills are known for their rich deposits of gold, silver, and Tilvium. Because of these precious resources, the kingdoms of Elyria and Serathyr have fought many wars for control of the region. The most recent of these conflicts was the War of the Fallen Crown, which took place between the years 1008-1011/6.

Today, both kingdoms maintain several outposts along their respective borders. The most well-known of these are the Elyrian stronghold of Wymerly Keep and the Serathian fortress of Erôn-Esroth.

Important Sites