Greymist Hills

The Greymist Hills are a small, isolated mountain range, located west of the Purple Mountains.

The Hills' western boudary is the Jagged Coast of the Iron Sea.

The entire region has a cold and clammy climate, which leaves an almost constant layer of fog on the hilltops. That same fog gave the hills their name.

These hills are known for the rich gold, silver, and Tilvium mines located throughout them.

Because of these precious resources, the region has been in dispute for centuries and, as a result, has suffered much bloodshed.

The resources found in the Greymist Hills are desired by both the kingdoms of Elyria and Serathyr. Over the centuries, the two powers have fought many wars over control of the region.

The most recent of these conflicts was the War of the Fallen Crown, which took place between the years 1008-1011/6.

Today, both kingdoms maintain several outposts along their respective borders. The most well-known Elyrian stronghold is Wymerly Keep. On the Serathian side, Erôn-Esroth is the most well-known.

Several independent freeholds and baronies are located within the hills themselves, which are constantly at odds with each other.

Usually these petty disputes are sanctioned by 'royal interests' from either the Darkwood Throne of Rilsavar or the Dragon Throne of Rastios.

The largest and most well-known of these settlements is the city-state of Ostalin; which controls Gateway Pass between the Greymist Hills and the Purple Mountains.