Grimlocks are a race of blind, cannibalistic, humanoids that dwell in the Underdark.

Grimlocks have dwelt within the depths of the world for hundreds of years. As such, they lost their sight in the lightless depths and replaced their ability to see the world around them with an acute sense of smell and echolocation. Grimlocks are extremely primitive. They made crude clothing from the hide of animals and weapons from stone or rough iron.

Centuries of living in darkness left the entire species blind and vulnerable to light. Grimlocks have course, gray skin that was usually scarred from hunts through constricted passageways.

Perhaps the most striking feature of a grimlock is the complete absence of eyes or eye sockets. Blank skin stretched across the upper face, giving grimlocks a shadowed, masked visage. The average height for a grimlock was five to five and a half feet. The average weight was around 180 pounds.


Grimlocks preferr to keep to themselves, but their isolation was often disrupted when mind flayers raided their packs looking for slave fodder or, as more often was the case, their mushroom fields were razed and their water cisterns drained by Dark-Elves. This left the grimlocks starving and desperate, and they were forced to raid surface communities in order to survive. For this reason, grimlocks were hated by surface dwellers.


Grimlocks tend to have intense distrust toward any race other than their own. They act xenophobically to other races, as historically they have been enslaved by both Mind-Flayers and Dark-Elves, and subjected to extreme depravity by the aboleth.