Battle of Grôn

(1541/2) The Grôn Chasm was the site of a ferocious battle between the Dark-Elves and Silvar-Elves which ended the War of Wrath.

During this climactic battle, the Dark-Elves and their followers were driven deep underground, through the enormous Grôn Chasm and forced to dwell there permanently.

Legend has it; the Dark-Elves had already begun migrating underground through the chasm, but had left a strong rearguard behind to hinder the Silvar-Elves. It was during this final climactic battle that the greatest of all elvish heroes: King Talarion Brightstar was slain.

The battle is considered a victory by both elvish races. The Silvar were able to finally force the Drow to withdraw from the surface, whereas the Dark-Elves were elated by the death of their enemy's greatest champion.