Grôn Chasm

The Grôn Chasm is an enormous gorge in the surface of eastern Corwyn, which was created by a magical explosion during the War of Wrath.

This chasm, which is 300 miles long and more than a mile deep, was created in the year 736/2, during the Battle of Saravôsh, when the Dark-Elves unleashed a cataclysmic magical explosion that destroyed that city, their own army, the army of Silvar-Elves, and the elven-king; Ismelian Alessarë.

Centuries later, it was through this very same chasm the Dark-Elves were driven underground, following their defeat in the final great battle of that War.

At the northern tip of this chasm is the infamous Bridge of Bones; made from the ancient carcass of Calegorax the Red-Dragon, who was killed by Ainurion Alessarë at the Battle of Merizath.