(population: 8,000) Grüen is a small, fortified city located on the southern shores of the Nolar Vaas, which serves as the capital of the Freehold of Grüenwald.

Local History

Back in the Fourth Age, Malvenor Grüen; a powerful Vaas Warlord, hailing from the Vryne Clan, founded a settlement here, and made it the capitol of his realm, which he named the "Irondale Stronghold." His descendants formed the House of Grüen; which became a feared and respected noble family in the region.

During the Wars of Destiny, Margrave Erathor Grüen; Irondale's saavy ruler at the time, proved to be an important ally of Erin Fremantle.

At the conclusion of the conflict, the newly-crowned King of Erindar made Erathor the first "Viscount of the Freehold of Irondale." With that declaration, the Irondale Stronghold ceased to exist

Eventually, because the Grüen family were such tyrants, the stronghold splintered into two separate enclaves; known today as the Freeholds of "Grüenwald" and "Arkadia." When that occurred, the city of Grüen remained the capital of the new Freehold, and remains its citadel even today.