Freehold of Grüenwald

Capitol: Grüen (population: 8,000)
Population: 84,000 (74% Vaas, 19% Iskari, 6% Ralani, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 23,000 (63% dwarves, 14% elves, 8% halflings, 15% gnomes)
Humanoids: some
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Clydas Quint
Coat of Arms: a red eye on a dark grey field
Exports: gold, iron, stone, mercenaries

The freehold of Grüenwald is a former vassal state of the kingdom of Elyria; located in the Narchion Valley, on the southern shores of the Nolar Vaas. The freehold is one of two freeholds in Irondale; a fiercely-contested region between the nations of Derianor and Elyria. Grüenwald is ruled by greedy despots who aspire to one day conquer not just the Irondale region, but all of Elyria. For many years, Grüenwald has launched frequent military raids into the neighboring Freehold of Arkadia.

The freehold of Grüenwald could not be more unlike its sister vassal state of Arkadia, it is an evil place of misery and despair.

Grüenwald has been a freehold for nearly as long as her western neighbor Arkadia, and is even more powerful. About a century ago, the freehold began to decay when some of the Viscounts who ruled it turned to dark sorcery to further their goals. In the last century, Grüenwald actually invaded Elyria and was only defeated by the narrowest of margins.

The ruling Quint family has long been ambitious and jealous of the monarchy of Elyria, and is constantly seeking another opportunity to perhaps claim the Darkwood Throne for themselves. This is helped by the unstable politics of the Elyrian Dukes, whose constant infighting and squabbling makes the country a ripe target.

At present, the freehold of Grüenwald can wield a force of over 3,000 soldiers when fully mobilized. The two freeholds of Arkadia and Grüenwald are almost constantly at war with one another, and there are many raids and skirmishes in the region.


Back in the Fourth Age, the lands of what is now the Freehold of Grüenwald was part of a small, independent nation called "the Irondale Stronghold." Irondale was ruled by the House of Grüen; an ancient and powerful noble family hailing from the Vryne Clan of the Vaas peoples.

During the Wars of Destiny, Margrave Erathor Grüen; Irondale's saavy ruler at that time, proved to be an important ally of Erin Fremantle. At the conclusion of the conflict, the newly-crowned King of Erindar made Erathor the first "Viscount of the Freehold of Irondale."

BEventually, because the Grüen family were such tyrants, the stronghold splintered into two separate enclaves; known today as the Freeholds of "Grüenwald" and "Arkadia."

After a terrible war 800 years ago, the present-day Freehold of Grüenwald was founded by Malvenor Grüen. The House of Grüen continued to rule the Freehold for many years thereafter.

Eventually, the House of Grüen was overthrown in a violent rebellion by the rival House of Tunston. About thirty years later, the House of Tunston was itself destroyed during the Tunston Uprising, and the Freehold was taken over by the House of Quint; who still rule the Freehold today.